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Robert Robertson Conman

This man is a conman, he is an artist in conning people, there is not a word that is true that comes out of his mouth!

 Robert Robertson (even his tan is fake)

 In the beginning of 2007, five partners started a Business Venture in Okanagan Falls BC. We build a brand new facility, approximately 40.000 square feet commercial building situated on about 7.5 acres of land. This building was designed to build custom Modular Homes, from single family residences to multi- family houses to commercial buildings.
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part of the roof structure of the showhome

We hired Robert approximately in August of 2007; we hired him strictly for sales. Robert started of very strong in the sales department, within two months he was dealing with 50-60 different developers and every time we had a sales meeting he was indicating that he would have some developers under contract for so many houses etc, it never happened. None of these developers made any commitments to have product build through HomeDelivery, it felt almost if Robert was holding them off, Robert came always up with an excuse for any developer not to continue to deal with HomeDelivery.  Robert did sell a few homes, but they all ended up having issues, because Robert promised the moon to these folks and never followed thru.
Hi Grant, Marten, Fred and Gary, March1, 2008 (this is an email from our overseas partner)

as you know I've given POA to Robert to sign Home Delivery documents for me. As such I've also given him information on my financial status with the company. At this point I would also like him to act on my behalf at meetings that I cannot attend and provide me with information on the operation of the Company. I have limited experience in Company matters and Robert will be helpful to me in keeping abreast of things.
My initial contact with Robert was positive and I was pleased to choose him for my signing authority. I am surprised by the interest and seriousness he has taken in advising me on my investment. I had expected nothing else other than signing for me when required. His idea of POA seems to be a personal responsibility for the safety of my investment. If he has a private agenda I haven't uncovered it. However, in order to get a balanced opinion of events and conditions I don't want Robert to be my only source.

Aside from that, it appears to me that Robert has the experience in company startups that we need. He will be well paid for his services and we should take advantage of his experience. He does need to get his own private sales to earn his salary.

I would have liked to bring Robert in as a partner, firstly because we need the cash and I would have expected him to contribute a substantial amount since the set up risk is over.
It would be nice if all six of us became friends with trust and respect for each other. I'm hoping Robert is real and that he will become a friend of mine. I promise you that I will keep my guard up in the meantime. Gerald.

By about March of 2008 Robert started to inform us that by the fall of 2008, he would retire, he said he had come across this invention and had purchased this invention.  Of course we were all curious what this was all about and he had told us that he had bought this machine that would be able to enrich oxygen so elderly people and specially people that already were on Oxygen 24/7 (like my mom) would benefit from this machine and gradually they would come off oxygen machines and would also regenerate blood cells and sick people would get better. At the time he had claimed that he sold this equipment to Unilever, a European company for a lot of money and a partial payment of 155 Million would come due sometime in September of 2008. He started talking and showing off, pictures of his 47 Million dollar yacht he had that was stationed somewhere in Italy.
In my mind why would a man like Robert Alexander Robertson, that already has a yacht valued at 47 Million dollars (I thought he said it was 120 Feet long) trying to sell houses in Okanagan falls and not be on his yacht in Italy. Well he did say since it had a crew of 12 people, it was leased out on a weekly basis. The stories got bigger and bigger.
In May of 2008 we built a show home for Robert that was totally financed 100% by Dan and Mary, this is the two storey home that is currently sitting in Okanagan Falls, across from IGA, at the Neustar Home Centre. The contract stated that Robert had to pay out the house in about 10-14 months and that Dan and Mary had the option to register the financing as a charge against the title. I believe this never happened, because they were good friends with Gerald and Robert could be trusted.
I wonder if Dan and Mary ever got the money out of the house (they were friends of Gerald) Dan and Mary, never did get their money back from Robert Robertson. I do know the house was re-financed in 2009 by the Mortgage Centre in Penticton. I did email the owner of The Mortgage Centre and they did not respond to my email nor did it bounce. I know for a fact Robert is very manipulative with people, so only God is our witness. 
I was informed by a person, this is the interesting part, and there is an additional name on title, by the name of……….  I also know that the mortgage went into default last October 2010, So Robert is on title and this other person is on title and nobody is making the payments.  Either the other person got taken for a ride, or the person does not exist! We shall find out in time. Oh we know now, Darcy has been taken for a ride, he purchased the home and paid Robert $50,000! In meantime Robert still ows Dan and Mary over $200,000 and on top of that, there is now financing on the house, that is left in Okanagan Falls to the tune of $60,000 plus. The landlord did not get paid.... to the tune of $27,000 currently.... Oh I should mention this, the mortgage that is in place is over two homes, yes, two homes are put up for collateral... I know it gets complexed, did I say that one of the two homes had been sold? So someone has a home, paid good money, thought it was clear title and it has a charge against the title and this person does not know currently.....  With all of this, Robert Robertson sleeps at night, in a house that he doesn't own....
In the beginning of June of 2008, he mentioned he was looking at houses in Kelowna. Robert ended up making an offer on a house on Hobson Rd in Kelowna, a home that was valued at about 7 million dollars. Robert purchased the house for a little less than7 million dollars including two vehicles and a large boat. The transaction was suppose to close on June 27, 2008, just before the long weekend, since Robert wanted to show off his new place to his friends and family, that yes, he was very successful in business. As I mentioned the Seller sold his house to Robert for a little less than & million dollars, with a non-refundable deposit of 1.7 Million dollars.
Robert told the Seller that the deposit was coming from Europe through his company Zander Capital Group SA and his President & Chief Executive Officer, Pierre Schleimer, was going to look after this transfer in the amount of 1.100.000 EURO’s and he did even supplied a Swift transit number. There was one delay after another. Robert ended up staying in the mansion on the long July weekend of 2008, with all his friends and family and according to the neighbors partied the night away. They even used the owners 38 Foot Searay and took it for a spin on Okanagan Lake.
July 11 2008 (email from Pierre Schleimer)
Hello Seller,
We apologize for the delay in closing on your transaction, we were assured by our bank yesterday that the transferred funds would be released from the central bank of Thailand to your bank not later than today, we aggressively seeking confirmation of same, the moment we have such confirmation you will be notified and we assume your bank will also notify you,
Yours truly
Peirre Schleimer
President &Chief Executive Officer
Zander Capital Management SA

It is needless to say the Deposit never arrived, Robert told different people different stories, some people he told that CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) took his money and to others he said the money is still lost. The owner of the house ended up with two cheques from Robert, each for $5,000.00 for his time and losses, the cheques were written from two different accounts. The owner lost the sale of his house at the height of the market and ended up losing his deposit in Thailand for his new purchase. We are probably talking around the two million dollar mark.
Robert had a good party in the seller’s house for a long weekend, showing, things he can do best.

I have enclosed an email, shortly we got a hold of the seller of the house in Kelowna;
Robert had also told us at the time, since the seller of the house was also a partner in a large development and Robert had mentioned that he had purchased the development.

Subject: Property Gordon Drive (this is also the person that owns the large home in Kelowna and we contacted him)

Good afternoon Seller,
Our company had quoted on a set of house plans for your project on Gordon Drive, and I was just wondering how things were coming along.
I also wanted to know if you could tell me anything about Robert Robertson being involved with the development. Robert had worked as a sales man for our company, “HomeDelivery” until a few months ago when he brought me a set of plans to price for a project on Gordon Drive he said he purchased the development from you, is this true?
He also gave me a tour of your house which he said he had purchased from you.  I am assuming this has falling apart as has so much else he talks about.
Our company is currently trying to fix a huge mess Robert has created, and we are trying to get to the bottom of all the talk and promises that were given to us.
Any information you could shed light on would sure be helpful.

I am sorry to hear that your disappointments with Mr. Robertson. Never believe the statement that misery loves company! I feel terrible for all of you as well as what has happened to me.
I have taken the liberty of cc this response to Cheryll and Gary as they are both part of the loop. Cheryll because I think she still REALLY believes in Robert and Gary because you have written him and he is my acting realtor.
Mr. Robertson has NEVER ever come close to buying or even seriously discussing the purchase of our Gordon Drive Project. He has nothing to do with this project and this is just a total lie.
I met Mr. Robert Robertson on June 02/08 through my neighbors and friends, Cheryll and Roger. I had previously talked to Robert on the telephone from abroad.
Our meeting was fast and to the point. Robert offered me $7 million for my house the bulk of the furniture, the boat and automobiles. Possession date was to be June 27/08.  We then went to the lawyer and did a formal contract on the sale. I removed my house from the MLS listing that at the time even though I had some other interest. We change the possession date to July 02/08 as his money was coming from overseas and would not make it on time for the closing date. Due to the short closing the $1.7 million deposit that was agreed upon never made it as well by the date.
I removed my personal effects from the house in the last week of June and as per Roberts request I did extra work and expenditures to the house, boat and cars. I was ready for the closing.
The last week of June came and Robert informed me that the money was late but asked me if his mother and family could stay in the house on the July long weekend and the money would be there the next following weekday. Remember this was to be his 85 year old mother and older sister visiting! I agreed to this and that was a very big mistake in my part. I gave Robert the keys to the house.
Robert had a party in my house, there were some damages and he used my boat without my permission (it is a 38’ Searay and should not be driven unless the person has experience) and his guests and family helped themselves to my bar and food. What kind of person has the nerve to do this?
When I came back after the weekend I knew something was wrong as Robert left in a hurry, not bothering to clean up after himself, taking all of his belongings and not even a thank you.
From that time on I received promises and statements through email from his so called Banker that the money was wired and lost. They even created tracking numbers to try and track, but of course you could not because it did not exist.
I have saved all of these emails incase we ever established the Robert had any wealth however I believe his wealth is in his talk.
On July 27/08 Robert informed me that he could not go forward on the deal and Canada Revenue Agency seized his money and would not release it. He had to terminate the deal.
We met and we agreed that Robert would reimburse me my expenses of $125,000.00 that I had incurred. He gave me $5000.00 cheque which I certified. He then told me the same story about his Billions coming in on Oct.27th and at that time he was still going to honor our deal. Because of this and only this I did not reduce the asking price of my house until the 27th had passed. He gave me another cheque later that I cashed and it also cleared.
This is where the quote for the house on Gordon Drive comes in. I am involved in a small housing development, the one you mentioned. When I met with Robert for the compensation, he suggested maybe one of the ways to repay the debt was to supply a house on one of the lots. I was agreeable as I believe that the construction fits perfectly with our community plan and if it worked we could have kept on going building more houses until we were built out.
I never did receive a quote on the house so I am not sure it would have being competitive or not.
Other Red Flags that came up along the way are as follows:
1) Robert said he had bought the house in Penticton that he lived in. When I checked the title it showed that Gerald, one of your shareholders actually owns it and Robert was not to be found on title.
2) Robert said that he had bought 2 lots in Okanagan Falls where the show homes are sitting. I pulled title on these and found out it was a lie as well.
3) Robert told me that he personally owns the show homes in Okanagan Falls. I highly doubt it!!!!!!
I summary I believe Mr. Robertson will cost me $2 million on the loss of revenue from my house and I now live in fear that he has done something as far as my Identity Theft. I have checked my house title to make sure that he has not borrowed again it as I put nothing past this guy.
It is a sad day when a little old man comes to town with a rental car and a credit card and fools us all. I just hope one day everyone will realize what he really is! A lonely old man with the short man syndrome! I don’t think there is a thing that comes out of this man’s mouth that is true.
Good luck and if you locate him please let me know where he is. Feel free to call me anytime at 00000000000.
Kindest and Deepest Regards.
After this all transpired, the Seller and I can became good friends, he may respond separately on this site as well, although I am sure he wants to move on with life, since he can do this.

I have researched Pierre Schleimer, it is not a common name, and this person is a lawyer at Allen & Overy in Luxembourg, I have contacted Pierre some time ago, but did not respond to me. Update

Robert tends to pick names from the Internet; I will come back to that a little later.

By July of 2008, I started to butt heads with Robert, I was able to see through him. At this point in time he was Director of Sales and Marketing and he was telling a lot of people that he was an owner of HomeDelivery. I remember introducing myself to a friend of Robert (Keith Dow) and I introduced myself as one of the owners of HomeDelivery and Keith said, “oh you are Robert’s partner,” and I said, no, I am not, Robert just works for “us”, (HomeDelivery) He continued asking some questions, until Robert saw me talking to Keith and then Robert took Keith away to show him something else, it was all about controlling his stories!
We started to do some research at this time, Robert did tell us that he was the reason why Armorall is what it is today, it was all of his knowledge of marketing and sales.
We searched his personal websites, his VISIONARY ENTREPRENEUR website  we did contact all the companies that we could contact, some did not even exist or had fallen of the earth, and from the people that we had contacted not a single person did respond to our request. It looks very professional if you do not know Robert Alexander Robertson. When you have a look at the website, you will see that Robert talks about OXYGEN4. At one point Robert even showed that he built and developed Homedelivery on his website.
Another website of Robert is his it shows the grand opening of Neustar homes, both websites are created in 2008. Robert dealt with the person that we used for our HomeDelivery website, so the same person created the websites for Robert. I am sure this person does not realize in what type of position he is in today, although again he was pre-warned by HomeDelivery about Robert Robertson. There used to be another website by the name of but it seems to have fallen of the earth, would be nice for Robert Robertson to follow though. The IP address was based out of [] Scotts Dale, Arizona, although it may have been re-routed.
Robert was born in Bridgeville, hence the site.     
Robert Robertson was dealing with a lot of Developers, we had a lot of Developers come to the factory, but there seemed always a distance after a little while when people met with Robert. For whatever reason, the developers fell always off Robert’s list or suddenly did not respond. There was always an excuse according to Robert, or a reason to back out of the interest.
We had a realtor that contacted us at the factory, a long time established realtor from Kelowna that had a client in Greenwood BC that owned 13 building lots. We came very close to building three homes for this owner through this realtor, until Robert got into the picture. He manipulated this transaction to such a degree, that we lost the three sales. Robert could not afford to have those sales go through, since his intentions was to take over the company. He was actually holding sales back, contrary to the employment contract we had with him.
Today, you can see the announcement of the lots in Greenwood on Robert’s Nuestar’s website.  He will never, ever get those lots in his possession although he has tried to buy the lots with no money! We all know that this is a joke. I understood that the deal did not happen. Again it was a winning situation for Robert since HomeDelivery would not build any houses for this development.
Robert dealt with a developer in Clearwater, 37 homes, he screwed around with this so much and tried to undermine a joint venture and buy the whole project himself, then again he did not have the money, nothing happened, the joint venture disappeared, no houses were build for this project.
In the beginning of 2008 we at HomeDelivery, decided we should look into a sales centre in Okanagan Falls. The Company approached the owner of the property, where Nuestar Sales Centre is today and negotiated a contract with him. For financial reasons we did decided against this transaction and Robert Robertson proceeded with this transaction. The lease was discussed with an option to purchase, I basically handed over the contract to Robert and he continued to deal with the Owner. It was not until later that the Owner contacted us and was looking for $2500 dollars a month; Robert did not pay according to the lease agreement in the amount of $2500 dollars. It was not until later that I received a copy of the lease agreement from the owner, the agreement was almost the same, except for the Legal description of the property, it was changed to something that does not exist. I guess, just in case Robert decided not to pay the lease fee, the owner would have an invalid contract, since the legal description was changed to something that did not exist.
Anything and everything that Robert does is pre calculated and well thought out, so he would not make any mistakes. Robert always said, before I do anything in business (as he calls this business, ripping people off) everything is well thought out, right into the details.

In the fall of 2008, he had played all five partners against each other, we were not sure at that time if we were coming or going. He tried to buy our each individual shares of the business. First he said he would put a million dollars on the table a week later it was 500 thousand, in the end he had nothing and he still has nothing. He is still waiting for his billions to come.

I have closed so many doors for him currently, he was a good friend of someone I had worked for for about 10 years, they never invested with Robert, they called him "Cheap Entertainment"
In June of 2010, the two houses that were sitting in Okanagan Falls, One house was wrapped (three pieces) were Seized by a bailiff from Kelowna. The Notice of Seizure was for $16,000 for non-payment of rent for the property where Neustar Sales Centre is located. In, I believe December of 2010, the same two houses were seized again by a different bailiff at the same time the other seizure was still in place.
I did contact the first bailiff and he was waiting for instruction from a lawyer and in between time the three piece house disappeared overnight, you would say where do you hide a 3 piece house? Leave it up to Robert Robertson.
Robert Robertson is a nobody, he rented a furnished apartment, and Robert had not any personal belongings, the money that he has today come from different people that he has ripped off. I mean look at him, even his tan is fake, his head is tanned his hand isn’t. The BMW he drives is not his!
This man destroyed our business, we put 50 people out on the street because of him, because he was going to take over HomeDelivery, it never happened, instead he went to the banks we were dealing with and waived his Power of Attorney and said, this company is going under, he talked to all of our suppliers and did the same thing.
Personally I went through personal bankruptcy; I am starting over again somehow, some day! I can guarantee you, Robert Robertson will not have enough time left in his miserable life to do anything that he would like to do, and he is going on a holiday to the BIG HOUSE!
Currently there are so many cases against him;
There is a case in Rossland, BC against him $100,000 plus

There was a case in Vernon against him $25,000

There is a case against him in Penticton currently $200,000

There was a case against in Penticton recently

There is another case, were he took money from an elderly couple, hasn’t hit the system yet.
I understand it is about $170,000, their life savings!

Have a look for yourself; here is a link that will direct you to Court Services on line, just type in his name;
If you need to contact me or would like to, do not hesitate , I can be reached through email:

Robert Alexander Robertson, Conman, this is how I make my living, I am about 68 years old. I have been conning people for a long, long time. I may be on holliday in Belize on the moment, that is where I have hidden other peoples money. If I am not on holliday, I may be residing at the Lower Mainland or on the Island, specificly Victoria.

My Websites: aaaahhhhh now you are talking, that is how I try to impress people and how  I build trust:  

I am good at in creating bullshit stories and people tend to believe me, because I am so good at in what I do, that is how I make my living. I don't have a driver's license, so it is more difficult to track me down. The insurance of my vehicle is not in my name.

UPDATE: Just  a little update April 16, 2012, I just found out he took his best friend as well for a lot of money, again it will show you, Robert does not have any friends period, he is a lonely "Little Man"

Robert has been operating in Belize over the last 6 months and has taken many people already, he just can not stop it. They, that is his present wife Maureen and Robert took this one lady for three months rent, you may think this is small stuff in the scheme of things, but it all adds up.
Over the last 4 decades I would not be surprised if it amounts up to 30 - 40 Million dollar and yes he is still walking and I am sure he is very proud of this.
It is very possible that he currently is in Victoria or Vancouver, he has been sighted there several times. There is still a warrant out for his arrest today! Keep on the look out for him. August 18, 2013.
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